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  • We focus our purchases in the SOUTHEAST which has strong middle-class employment and a growing population.

  • Complexes ranging from 50 - 250+ Units

  • Class B and C

  • Rents below market average

Value Added

  • Upon purchase, we perform any deferred maintenance, upgrade units and exterior in order to increase rents. A skilled third party property manager to improve operations and reduce operating expenses.


  • Once the property is stabilized and generating greater income, it appraises at a higher value allowing us to refinance it, returning our investors initial capital, while still providing a steady cash flow, or 1031 exchange it for a bigger property.


  • Stabilized, cash flowing property is attractive to institutional buyers including REIT’s, institutionalized investment firms, or investors looking for real estate investments to diversify their investments. We typically plan on a 3-5 year exit strategy but may hold some properties for long-term cash flow.

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