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Our Investment Process

Investment Type

  • Multifamily apartment complexes that are under valued or have been poorly managed creating a value-add opportunity

Target Market

  • The Southeastern United States:

    • Affordability, Rapid Population & Infrastructure growth matched with landlord friendly regulations.

Projected Return

  • 15%+ AAR (Average Annualized Return)

Hold Period

  • Typically 3 - 7 Years


We Focus on Value-Add Real Estate

Four Oaks' strategy is to capitalize on favorable demographics and supply/demand in metro areas in the SOUTHEAST through the acquisition of Class B and C multifamily assets.

Our objective is to enhance the value of investments through extensive renovations, while maximizing returns to investors and providing residents with an improved quality of living.

We target assets with highly desirable locations in close proximity to large employment centers, major thoroughfares, public transportation access points, public schools, retail centers and grocery stores.

The end result is affordable, high quality properties, in desirable locations, that are acquired at a discount relative to market.

Why Class B & C Apartment Complexes

Class B and C properties have experienced an increased demand as rising rates have pushed renters towards more affordable options. And as the wage gap and income disparity across the country builds, aggregate demand for Class B and C properties is also expected to increase.

Need for these assets exists regardless of economic cycles. In tougher economic climates, Class A- and B+ renters may be forced to trade down to Class B/C multifamily. Newer/younger entrants to the renting pool also tend to look for value properties. B/C class fills needs in both robust and weak economic cycles.

No new “B” & “C” class properties are being built for working-class individuals. When new apartment complexes are built, they are inherently class “A” properties with a corresponding higher rent.

These complexes are typically older and offer the chance for value-add renovations that we require in order to increase cash flow potential.

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