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Kranti Ponnam Testimonial


“The team at Four Oaks have been trusted partners to collaborate and invest in the Multifamily space. They have provided me with an opportunity to invest in great value add and cash flowing properties compared to the volatile stock market, or low return single family homes. Their knowledge of the market is immense and only surpassed by their truly conservative underwriting, which is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before going into an investment.


Their team is extremely knowledgeable, and offer a wide array of podcasts, webinars and content that has helped me grow and enhance my knowledge to make better financial decisions, and has provided me with truly passive income which I absolutely love."

Chris Garris Testimonial


"As an active investor with Four Oaks Capital I’ve been thoroughly impressed with all aspects of the process but most noticeably, the underwriting.     You guys really do your homework, which for me as an investor is great to see.  It gives me great confidence in you as general partners.  You also do a solid job communicating via the investor portal.   On the education side you guys offer detailed insights into underwriting, investor returns, cap rates, financing, and multifamily real estate investing in general. Anyway, keep up the great work and I look forward your future opportunities."


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