Thank you for your investment commitment.

Next steps:

If you are a current investor we’ll send you an email from your investor portal.

  • Once logged in you’ll see “NEW OFFERINGS” on the left.

  • Click INVEST and follow the prompts.

    • You can create a new investing entity or utilize and existing one

If you are a new investor you’ll receive an invitation email to your investor portal.

  • This video will walk you through the next steps.

  • Once logged in you’ll see “NEW OFFERING” on the left.

  • Click INVEST and follow the prompts.

    • Create your investing entity

    • E-Sign PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) & Operating Agreement

    • Wire your investment - Wiring Instructions will be provided

Please note that we are accepting investments on a “first come first served” basis; once we have raised our target amount we cannot accept any more investments. 

Once we receive your wire we’ll send you a confirmation and keep you updated on the closing date.  Once closed you can expect a monthly update along with quarterly financials.  Distributions will begin after 6 months.

Welcome aboard.